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Norse mythology prophesized that the death of Baldr would begin a string of events that would bring on Ragnarok, the end of the world. Baldr was the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun and loved by all the inhabitants of the world, so to prevent his death the Gods asked everything in the world to take an oath. Stone, wood, and water all took the oath to never hurt Baldr, as did every other thing. The only exception to this was mistletoe, for no one bothered to ask it to take the oath, as mistletoe was inherently harmless. Once the task was complete the gods delighted in their work threw boulders, shot arrows, and hurled lightning at Baldr to only see it glance by, or suddenly divert its path so he would be unharmed. Even Thor with his hammer Mjolnir could not harm him when he tried.

There was only one god who wished ill upon Baldr, Loki.  So Loki went to the people who had ensured everything took the oaths until he finally realized that no one had gotten an oath from mistletoe.  So he forged a dart of mistletoe, and slew Baldr.